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Updating you all..

February 16, 2010

Well… it’s been a week or two. Maybe three weeks since I’ve posted a blog update. I missed blogging but I haven’t had the motivation to keep up with it. I’ve actually been looking into buying some web hosting and make my blog a bit more personal when it comes to updating it every day.

I’ve also had thoughts of setting up a gaming community with a few friends of mine but that’s just an idea at the moment not even a name springs to mind. It would be for the more casual gamer mind. Reviews of the latest games written by people alike. I’d really like the project to take off but first I need a bit of money to get something started..

I got some bad news today… Rosie won’t be coming up till maybe Easter now. :( My heart sunk when I found out.. I was so looking forward to seeing her. Wish I had the money to go down there and just be with her for even a few days. I miss her so much it’s getting to me quite a lot lately been crying but putting a brave face on most of the time. I can honestly say I’ve never felt in love with someone so much before it’s magical but hard being apart.

That’s all for now I’ll keep you all updated at least a couple of days a week I promise. Not going to blog everyday though probably. It depends if I’ve got enough to say to make up a reasonable sized post. Hope you all have a good day tomorrow !


Fun times!

February 2, 2010

I’ve had such a good time tonight thanks to all my Twitter friends & Rosie :) I probably did a lot of making people laugh due making jokes about some of the over obsessive people on twitter when it comes to celebrities. I really think it’s just too much especially when you don’t even know them and probably never will!

My new iPhone came today, up to now it’s spot on no problems what so ever. OS 3.1.3 came out tonight so no jailbreak until some hacks that update I guess but I’m not too fussed just enjoying having a full functional iPhone. I tried applying my screen protector today but it just kept bubbling up so I gave up lol.

Off to bed in half an hour just watching a bit of Shaun of the dead with a nice hot chocolate and some biscuits. I promised Rosie I’d be in bed & hopefully sleeping before midnight. Good night everyone. :) Sorry for the lack of blogging I’m really tired tonight!

Quick blog before bed

February 2, 2010

Hey, sorry for the lack of a update today / yesterday.. whatever. I didn’t really find any reason to update been busy doing other things. :) College was pretty boring yesterday but it went fast so that wasn’t too bad. My new replacement iPhone comes later woo! Can’t wait! Hopefully this one doesn’t mess up.

I had a good chat last night with Rosie on MSN with webcams it was good fun :) I really can’t wait to see her in March!! <3

Anyway I’m off to watch Smokin’ Ace’s 2 now before I sleep, good night!

It’s so cold

January 30, 2010

Jesus it’s cold right now -1°c. I’m in the covers under the bed and still no luck in getting warm. My arms are freezing from sitting here typing now but I felt the need to update my blog. Yesterday wasn’t so bad at college. The day dragged on like crazy but I found it somewhat interesting trying to draw myself in manga style. I’m not much a manga fan but my outcomes were fairly decent.

Going watch a film now but I’m not exactly sure what I want to watch. I fancy Smokin’ Ace’s 2 since I quite enjoyed the first one. It was just total chaos that film! If anyone can recommend me some films to watch I would appreciate it.

I’m really missing Rosie now. 14 days till we have been together for 3 months. It seems so much longer. Can’t wait to see her in March. It hurts been this far apart.. although we had a really good chat tonight on the phone for an hour or so she makes me smile so much. I can’t explain in words how much I love her. She’s beautiful, best personality you could ask for, she cares for me and I can tell her anything. What more could I ask for? ♥

Review: SwitchEasy RebelSerpent iPhone case

January 28, 2010

So today my new iPhone case finally arrived. First impressions were certainly a good one. It came in a nice simple packaging which got me thinking where is everything? Because it comes with two anti-static screen guards, one microfiber wipe, one universal dock adapter, one video dock stand, one Squeegee for your screen guard application and one power jack connector protector. So just imagine all that packaged in to what seemed a very flat package. Most of the contents were in a small box below the case and the screen guards came in a small iPhone replicated booklet along with a silk screen wipe for easy cleaning.

The case is very sturdy and looks like it could take a fair few bashing. Although I’m not chancing that I’m just taking on board how it looks. It was really easy to slip on the iPhone too. From videos I’ve seen on YouTube it looked a lot more complicated but it was nothing like they made it out. Just simply slot your iPhone into the case and your done. You can apply the screen guard before inserting it in the case but I haven’t done so yet as I hopefully will be getting an iPhone replacement sometime this week or next as it’s a little faulty.

I found it easier to text and tweet with the case on as it sinks the iPhone into the case a little giving you some what I’d call ‘handles’. It’s easier to hold whichever way you hold  it whether it be vertical or horizontal. My favourite way of holding the phone will always be horizontal and it’s just so handy having these handle like edges on the case so much easier to hold and slide your fingers over the touch keypad.

The only problem I found is it doesn’t fit on the official dock from Apple. I always charge my iPhone my dock so my solution to this is just take the case off when I need to charge it when I go to bed and then I shall put it on before I take it out anywhere with me. It works, bit of a pain in the ass but it’s worth it.

Here’s some photo’s of the case in use: (click to see them larger)

I end this review with that this is a fantastic case for the iPhone it has its pros and cons like any other accessory you buy for anything. At the end of the day it does exactly what I wanted. Protects my phone, the screen and looks so damn good! I’d give this case an 8/10 it would have a higher rating but docking my phone is a must.. disappointed me when I couldn’t. Definitely give this a thought if your looking to purchase a new iPhone case though. Well worth the money!

  • One RebelSerpent™ unit
  • (2) Two anti-static Screen Guards
  • One Microfiber Wipe
  • One Universal Dock Adapter
  • One Video Dock Stand
  • One Squeegee for your Screen Guard application
  • One Power Jack Connector Protector

Parent’s evening

January 27, 2010

So last night I had parent’s evening at college. I was dreading going because I’d missed quite a lot of work last year with being ill and trying to get on the right medication. I’m finally getting back on track after missing months of work and all is good. I actually don’t know why I was so worried because I got a very good report and the tutor gave me some good advice on following my path in photography as that’s what I long to do.

I have my portfolio now finally so I can start printing my photographs and putting them in my portfolio to show to another college I’m looking to go to Man Cat  in Manchester and do a foundation degree in photography for 2 years. After I have finished those 2 years I can go straight into industry if I wish to do so or go on to university. I can more see myself going into industry as I already have a fair amount of photography experience and know the ropes pretty well and over those 2 years I shall gain even more experience and techniques to help me progress further.

Not looking forward to college later.. I haven’t blogged any sooner because I’ve been trying to sort my iPhone out. I have a feeling it’s faulty and I’ve only had it a week. It just keeps turning itself off without me realising it. I restored it in DFU mode now so fingers crossed that has sorted it. If not I’m going to give O2 a bollocking at the weekend as it’s suppose to be brand new and in perfect condition not turn off when I’m expecting a phone call or a text. Can’t be doing with that!

Anyway I’m gonna shoot off now. Finish my college work, watch a movie and go to sleep. Good night x